• danielaesp

Project #002: LBK Swim Website

Client: LBK Swim, a luxury bikini company dedicated to providing sexy and timeless pieces in a wide range of sizes- body inclusivity is a must.

Objective: They wanted a website that would be clean and modern, but also sexy. Competitors they wanted to model were Misguided and Pretty Little Thing.

Platform: Shopify

Notes: Dominant color would be black, with the black background to emphasize the bikinis and models. A subtle pink feature on the page the viewer is on helps give the page a small pop of color that is not too distracting.

Site is kept as minimal as possible due to owner wanting to have it be simple and easy to navigate as bother a customer and as the shop owner.

Landing page had to be designed through a third party site, and was coded to connect to the site. Several small details about the shop's inventory, sizing info and filtering options were coded in.